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Every Child a Reader

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What is Every Child a Reader? (ECaR)

Every Child A Reader (ECaR) includes a range of reading support programmes designed to boost the skills of the least confident readers.  They are: Reading Recovery, Fischer Family Trust Wave 3, Boosting Reading @ Primary and Talking Partners @ Primary.

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a national one-to-one programme led by a specialist teacher for up to 20 weeks of daily half-hour lessons, for children who are struggling to get started with reading when they enter year 1. Our Federation ECaR teacher is Mrs Di Napier, who is based at Sydenham Primary School and provides advice and support for staff at Lighthorne Heath Primary School.

The aim is for the children to be able to read as well as an average child of their age by the end of the programme.

Links with home are very important, and parents/carers are encouraged to come in to observe their child having a lesson.  Every day, the children take home a familiar book to re-read, and a ‘cut-up sentence’ for them to put back together.  

What is Fischer Family Trust Wave 3?

Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 is a one-to-one programme led by a specially qualified Teaching Assistant, daily for 15-20 minutes, for 10-20 weeks.  Alternate days are spent on reading and writing.  

What is Boosting Reading @ Primary?

Boosting Reading @ Primary is a one-to-one programme led by a specially qualified Teaching Assistant.  It is for children in year 2 to year 6 who need a short intensive boost.  It lasts for ten weeks, with three sessions each week. Ms Sharon Stafford is trained to deliver the Boosting Reading @ Primary programme

What is Talking Partners @ Primary?

Talking Partners @ Primary is a small group programme led by a specially qualified Teaching Assistant. It is for children who lack skills and confidence as speakers and listeners, and is a ten week programme, with three sessions each week.  Some children may benefit from this programme before one of the reading support programmes.