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Sunshine Group

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What is a nurture group?

A nurture group is a small supportive class of up to 12 children usually in a mainstream school. Nurture groups provide a secure, predictable environment where the different developmental needs of each pupil are catered for. They usually offer placements of up to four terms, depending on the child’s specific needs and are staffed by two adults working together modelling good adult relationships in a structured and predictable environment. Nurture groups focus on emotional and social development as well as academic progress. Children generally spend part of each day in the group or attend for regular sessions during the week.

Sunshine Group at Lighthorne Heath

Sunshine Group is just one of the many ways that Lighthorne Heath Primary School supports children with their social and emotional development. At present it runs for one afternoon each week. The Sunshine Room offers a safe base which is both physically and emotionally secure, with familiar adults and regular routines. It provides a place where children can learn and play, with the focus on developing self esteem and teaching social skills such as turn taking, cooperating and appreciating the feelings of others. Children are taught that some behaviour is unacceptable and are shown how to express their thoughts and feelings in a more appropriate way.

Who goes to sunshine group?

Children are selected for a variety of reasons, e.g. difficulties at home or at school which are having a negative impact on learning and behaviour, low self esteem, friendship problems or because they need help to come to terms with a divorce or bereavement.

A typical sessions in Sunshine Group:

A typical session could include:

Circle time , including games and activities which encourage children to use the skills they have been taught, e.g. listening, taking turns

A variety of activities such as art, literacy, D&T, cooking

Sharing food - the children are encouraged to prepare the food, lay the table, serve each other, share and use good manners at all times

Children and adults praising each other for a variety of reasons, such as being kind to others or sharing resources, and nominating members of the group to receive stickers as a reward

Sunshine group is extremely popular with the children and they respond very well to the kind of support that is offered. Many of the children have maintained the close relationships they formed with the adults whilst in the group and are always asking if they can come back!

Mrs Thorneywork