• Stratford Road, Lighthorne Heath, Leamington Spa,Warwickshire, CV33 9TW
Governing Body

All governors are responsible for the governance of the Leamington Federation, which includes Lighthorne Heath Primary School and Sydenham Primary School. The Governing Body has a statutory responsibility to oversee and monitor the operation and effectiveness of the school, including the  appointment of staff and the setting of the school's budget.  The Governing Body has sole responsibility for the selection and appointment of the executive head teacher.  Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school fulfils all its statutory responsibilities, for example, those relating to child protection, health and safety, equality legislation and provision for pupils with special educational needs.  They are responsible for ensuring the proper and effective spending of public funds.  Working closely with the executive head teacher, associate head teachers and the senior leadership team, the Governing Body sets the strategic direction of the school and ensures that there is a well-focused and effective Learning Improvement Plan. 

Individual members of the Governing Body, as well as the group as a whole, are involved in monitoring school performance, particularly in relation to children's learning and progress.  This involves supporting the school by agreeing improvement strategies, allocating budget resources and general involvement, wherever appropriate.  The role of Governors also crucially involves holding the executive head teacher and other staff to account for the quality of the education which our school provides.  The Governing Body carries out the annual appraisal of the executive head teacher's performance, and oversees the appraisal of other staff.

Our Governing Body has four full meetings each year.  Additionally, there are two committees: Performance and Standards Standing Committee and Resources Standing Committee. These two committees meet termly, as well as a number of occasional working groups, as the need arises. Governors receive frequent and regular reports from the executive and associate head teacher, as well as other members of staff, and make regular visits to school to understand the daily running of the school and to help monitor its effectiveness.

As a Governing Body, we are totally committed to the Leamington Federation schools, and do all we can to ensure that the well-being and achievement of our children.  We are proud of our schools, and never cease to be amazed at the fantastic learning which takes place, and of the uniqueness, potential and achievements of each of the children we encounter.

Ofsted commented in January 2011:

The governing body, although re-constituted when the federation was established, has an excellent overview of the school’s direction and the priorities which they help to formulate. Regular visits, reports and meetings with staff mean that they are able to be highly effective in supporting the school while holding it to account.
Richard Butler (Onside Coaching) Chair of Governors  (LA)
Caroline Peacock (No pecuiary interests) Vice Chair of Governors (Parent Governor)
Tim Naylor (No pecuniary interests) Community Governor
Andrew Bayley (Bayleaf Cookery Club) Community Governor
Helen Adkins (No pecuniary interests) Community Governor 
Val Leigh-Hunt (No pecuniary interests) LA Governor
David Booth (No pecuniary interests) LA Governor
Kully Deol (No pecuniary interests) Parent Governor
Kae Sandhar (No pecuniary interests) Parent Governor
Juliette Westwood (No pecuniary interests) Head Teacher Governor
Catherine Gillespie (No pecuniary interests) Staff Governor
Jill Manley (No pecuniary interests) Associate Staff Governor
Carol Glenny (No pecuniary interests) Associate Governor
Lucy Challand (No pecuniary interests) Associate Governor
Sharnjit Kaur (No pecuniary interests)  Parent Governor